Image of Revenge and Personal Relationships Research


Research on revenge in relationships constitutes one of three major lines of research that occupy a considerable proportion of Dr. Boon's interest. Beginning with Dr. Vicki L. Deveau's dissertation, Dr. Boon and her students and collaborators have explored revenge in romantic relationships as well as between family members, friends, and co-workers. A challenging but also thoroughly fascinating topic to study, revenge is both condemned and glorified in our culture.

There are good reasons to think that revenge would occur only rarely in relationships between those who care for each other. For example, revenge violates the most basic moral percepts which encourage us to treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves and put others' needs ahead of our own. At the same time, the interdependence that characterizes such relationships often renders them subject to conflicts of interest. We investigate people's responses to perceived provocations in important social relationships, including acts of revenge and the factors that lead people to resist the temptation to respond to perceived provocations with revenge.

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