Image of Infidelity and Personal Relationships Research


Infidelity is a surprisingly common event in dating relationships and can have severe and longstanding consequences for those involved. Together with her students, Dr. Boon has investigated a number of research questions concerning infidelity including which behaviours individuals consider to be infidelity (there's more variability in the forms these behaviours take than you might think), their expectations concerning the odds their partners will cheat on them (it appears people may not think it's very likely at all), and some of the variables (e.g., secrecy) that determine when an ambiguous behaviour (e.g., sending texts to a possible extra dyadic partner) is or is not judged as an act of infidelity.

The findings of a recent study suggest that, compared with undergraduates in 2009, undergraduates in 2020 may view infidelity behaviours as more severe and engage in such behaviours less frequently.