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Former Students

Dr. Stacey L. MacKinnon
Stacey is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Prince Edward Island. She conducted both her master’s and doctoral theses on risk in romantic relationships.

Dr. Vicki Deveau
Vicki is now a consultant with PROVOKE. Her dissertation was the seminal study in our lab on revenge in romantic relationships.

Dr. Sarah J. Watkins
Sarah is now a Clinical Psychologist at McMaster Children’s Hospital. She studied infidelity for her doctoral thesis.

Dr. Alishia Alibhai
Alishia conducted her master’s thesis on revenge in romantic relationships. For her dissertation, she conducted a content analysis of films containing revenge as a major theme.

Dr. Rebecca Malhi
Rebecca examined interracial relationships for her doctoral thesis. She is now an Adjunct in the Departments of Psychology and Community Health Sciences.

Rowan Sciban, MSc.
Rowan Sciban completed his master’s thesis on power and revenge in romantic relationships in fall 2012. He is now working as a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft.

Dr. K. “Eddie” Sheppard
For his dissertation, K. E. “Eddie” Sheppard studied the dissolution of romantic relationships, with a focus on coping, attachment, and the errors people make in predicting their emotional responses to break ups. Eddie is Vice President at Léger.

Dr. Kyler R. Rasmussen
Kyler completed his master's thesis and dissertation on the topic of revenge in romantic relationships. He is now a Program Planner at Community and Social Services for the Government of Alberta. Check out a news article about one of Kyler’s most recently published studies (published in the Journal of Adolescence) here.

Melanie Pauline
Melanie completed her master's degree at l'Universit
é de Moncton in New Brunswick. She conducted her PhD here at the University of Calgary on the topic of revenge via Facebook, recently defending her dissertation. She will soon be working as Policy and Legislative Advisor for the government of New Brunswick.

Rachel Ross, MSc.
Beginning with her honours thesis and then continuing with her master's thesis, Rachel studied the topic of “unforgiveness” or people’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences when they do not forgive those who harm them.